Does Cash App Charge Clearance Fee and Automatic Deposit Fee?

Does Cash App Charge Clearance Fee and Automatic Deposit Fee?

Have you ever scratched your mind asking a question yourself- Does Cash App have a clearance fee? If yes, then, believe me, you are not alone. At this point in time, Cash App is getting more and more popular. As a result at the same time more and more people want to know all about the Cash App clearance fee and automatic deposit fee. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to write on this topic. This blog will unveil Does Cash App Charge Clearance Fee and Automatic Deposit Fee?

In everyday life, some of you might have encountered the phrase- clearance fee. As the name suggests, a clearance fee is a fee that is charged by either a bank, payment issuer, or any service provider to clear the amount. Basically, such a fee is largely used in trading by brokers. Usually, a tiny amount is charged as a part of the clearance fee. But, the million-dollar question is- does Cash App also charge a clearance fee to send and receive money?

Your second question might be about the Cash App automatic deposit fee. You might have been asked to pay an automatic deposit fee by somebody to receive money through Cash App. You could not be more wrong if you ever have paid either a clearance fee or an automatic deposit fee on Cash App. Why? continue to read this post. 

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What does Cash App clearance fee mean?

Let’s put first thing first; are there any clearance fees on Cash App applicable? Here is the answer- Big No! Take it on a serious note that Cash App does not charge any kind of clearance fee to send and receive money to and from contacts. Now some of you who received an email from Cash App asking you to pay a clearance fee might argue against what I have told you. Let me explain it further. Be informed that there is a scam going around in the name of a clearance fee. I can bet that you must have come to know about the clearance fee through an email. Find below more information about how the Cash App clearance fee scam works. 

In such cases, scammers contact a cashapp user through an email and offer to receive a tempting amount of up to $1000. That same email further goes on to say that this amount has been held until you pay the clearance fee up to $100 or any random small amount. Suspicious email also claims that once you pay the clearance fee, the amount will be processed to your wallet or linked bank account. Scammers might also ask you to share your Cash App login details. And sharing such highly confidential information with scammers can clean out your bank balance. Just to inform you, let me inform you that this scam is also popular with the name Cash App sugar daddy scam.

What is Cash App clearance fee sugar daddy scam?

According to experts, the sugar daddy scam on Cash App, generally, occurs through social media. With the help of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit; scammers target any individual Cash App user. While other popular online marketing sites such as Craigslist and Offerup also have become breeding grounds for various Cash App scams. So, the idea here is to be careful while interacting with people on social media.

Important Note: If you recently have fallen victim to any such kind of issue, you can dispute a Cash App Payment and get a refund or simply inform us about when and who took money from you under the pretext of clearance fees on Cash App.

What is Cash App Automatic Deposit fee? 

Cashapp users also know the automatic deposit fee as a clearance fee voucher. While some other people might also know it as Cash App attorney fee. In short, always just stay away from such emails and people who prompt you to pay any kind of fee to send and receive money for free. Any kind of fee you will never find on Cash App mobile application and website because Cash App doesn’t hold any transaction and demands to pay a fee in advance.

Is the Cash App clearance fee applicable for business accounts?

No, it is worth noting that a Cash App for business account is free to create, set up, & manage. However, Cash App does charge a fee to receive money through business accounts from customers. But, Cash App does not hold any amount. More specifically, Cash App deducts a 2.75% fee whenever you receive money through a business account. Moreover, whenever you make any transaction using a credit card, Cash App charges a 3% fee. Similarly, Cash App charges a 1.5% fee for the instant transfer. But, there is no kind of fees like clearance or automatic deposit fees on the Cash App.

Last Words!

Today we learned something new about Cash App Fees: Clearance and Automatic Deposit Fees. Also, we have seen Does Cash App Charge Clearance Fee and Automatic Deposit Fee? Don’t forget what I have told you. All these fees have nothing to do with the Cash App payment app. Just ignore such kinds of messages, emails, phone calls, and notifications. For more information, we are available for your satisfaction.



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