How to enable cash app Bitcoin withdrawal? Guide 2022

How to enable cash app Bitcoin withdrawal? Guide 2022

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Withdrawal of Bitcoin means that a user can withdraw their Bitcoins for trading. Along with this, a user can also send Bitcoin to any other account. Want to know about the steps of Bitcoin withdrawal? If yes then read this blog:

Can I buy Bitcoin on the cash app? Eligibility Criteria

Though buying Bitcoin on the cash app is easy, you still need to meet some eligibility criteria. If you are eligible then you can purchase Bitcoin in no time. The first and foremost criteria are that the user needs to be above 18 years of age and must be a resident of the US. as Bitcoin is available only to the 50 states of the US, you must be a resident of any of these states. Also, one can get Bitocin only for personal use. No entity or organization can purchase Bitcoin. If someone has qualified on all these grounds then they can purchase Bitcoin via the cash app.

How can I enable cash app bitcoin withdrawal?

Bitcoin is one of the vital features of the cash app that let you buy and sell BItcoins. But, you can do this only in the US as the cash app is not available in other countries. One can use Bitcoin in all 50 states of the US can buy Bitcoin. Every cash app user can withdraw Bitcoin to a third-party Bitcoin wallet from Cash App. here’s how you can do this withdrawal step:

Step1: Look for the Bitcoin option from the cash app

First of all, you need to switch from USD to BTC. For this, click on the “USD” which can be seen on the screen of the cash app. Once you reach there, you need to choose the “Bitcoin” option.

Step2: Input amount for withdrawal

Next is to mention the amount of Bitcoin that you want to withdraw. Here, you can also switch between BTC or USD as per your withdrawal requirements. After this, simply click on the top of the left corner of the screen for the QR code scanner. You can also directly click “Send” for mentioning the address of the external wallet manually.

Step3: Confirm the wallet’s address

After this, you just have to click on the wallet address so that the withdrawal process can be confirmed. Now, click “Next” to choose the withdrawal speed. Make sure to tap the “Confirm” option and then get your Bitcoin withdrawal.

What is the process of purchasing Bitcoin on the cash app?

A user has to go through these steps to buy Bitcoin on the cash app:

Step1: Go to the investing menu

First of all, simply open the Cash app, and then you need to tap on the ‘investment’ section that is available at the bottom menu. Search and click on the button “Buying stocks” where you’ll see the “Bitcoin” button.

Step2: checking your Bitcoin holdings

Now, you must have a look at your holdings through the Bitcoin option. In this step, hit the “Buy” button and then input the amount for which you would like to buy Bitcoin.

Step3: Get to the confirmation screen

Click on the next button to get the confirmation screen. here, you will get all the details related to Bitcoin buying. Check the details and click on the ‘confirm button.


How long does it take to enable Bitcoin withdrawal on Cash App?

It takes a few hours to enable Bitcoin withdrawal on Cash App. Sometimes, you’ll also have to wait for 48 hours for verification purposes.

Why is my Cash App Bitcoin withdrawal not working?

Internet connectivity can cause this error to happen. Along with this, the wrong Bitcoin address impacts the withdrawal process.

What does enabling Bitcoin to do on Cash App?

If you’ve enabled the Bitcoin on cash app then it becomes easy to buy and withdraw Bitcoin.


These above-mentioned simple steps will let you enable cash app Bitcoin withdrawal. We have mentioned all the crucial details required for Bitcoin on cash app. Hope this information about buying and withdrawing of Bitcoin is useful for you.



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