Can I contact cash app customer service for refund? Find out here

Can I contact cash app customer service for refund? Find out here

Yes, one can contact the cash app if they’re not getting a refund. Wondering how to contact cash app customer service for refund? Just scroll down to get your answer:

When even after raising a request for a refund to the recipient if not getting refunds, you can contact cash app support. The real trouble starts when the recipient refuses to give the money back. In such a situation, you can contact the cash app support team or file a dispute. Keep on reading to find out how you can contact the official cash app about this issue:

How to contact the cash app through the website to get a refund? Stepwise process

Users must keep in mind that refunds on the cash app are not guaranteed. If you’ve tried raising a refund request and still not getting your money back then you can contact cash app support. The easiest way of contacting the cash app for reporting refund issues is through its website.

Step 1 Go to the official cash app site

On your web browser, open and reach the help page of the cash app. Here, you can see some default queries along with their answers. Make sure to reach cash app support to ask for refunds.

Step 2 Reach the official cash app support team

Search for the option of the “Contact Support” button. This button will be at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on this, you will now see a form. Just fill it to reach the cash app support to ask for refund of your money.

Step 3: Input your cash app details

Now, proceed by entering cash app details. Click on the option of “Something Else” so that you can enter your refund issue. Here, search for the refund related topic and then select the “Contact Support” button present on the screen.

Step 4: Tell about the refund issue and confirm

In the final step, explain your refund related problems that you’re having on the cash app and then click on the button of “Continue.” After analyzing everything, the cash app will contact you for further details.

Can I contact cash app customer service to get refund via the application?

Your cash app account on your phone will also help to take you to the cash app support. You just have to check these steps:

Step 1: Look for the ‘cash support’

In your cash app, go to the profile icon and look for the option of “Cash Support”. This option is available at the bottom of the cash app screen.

Step 2: Tap on ‘contact support’

You can request either email or call from the cash app support regarding the refund issues. So, simply scroll down the page and tap on “Something Else.” Now, you’ll be taken to a new page where you have to tap on “Contact Support”.

Step 3: Raise an issue about refunds

This is the final step so you’ll have to explain your cash app refund problem. Choose the appropriate option of issue from the given list and click “Continue.”

What to do if someone is not giving money back on the cash app?

If you’ve tried requesting for a refund to someone on the cash app but still not getting the money then you can go ahead and file a dispute. The process of submitting a dispute on the cash app happens by contacting cash app support option. You just have to open the ‘activity tab’ from the cash app screen. You’ll have to choose a transaction for which you want the money back. Clicking on the menu button will redirect you to the cash app support option and then tap on the button of ‘dispute a transaction’. Your submitted dispute will be checked by cash app support and then send you the resolution.


How do I contact Cash App about refund?

A user who wants his/her refund can contact cash app via website, application, email or social media.

What do I do if Cash App won’t refund my money?

In such case, a user can fill and submit the dispute form to get the money back.

How can I talk to Cash App customer service?

You can talk to the Cash App customer service via cash app helpline number.

Can you get a refund on Cash App if scammed?

Yes, you can but it is not guaranteed. This depends on the refund request acceptance of the scammers.


These steps are effective when it comes to contacting cash app support to get your money back on cash app. Hope this informative and detailed blog about how to contact cash app customer service for refund is helpful to you.

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