Can I Link Two Different Bank Accounts on Cash App

Can I Link Two Different Bank Accounts on Cash App

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Square Cash App is used more than ever before in the US. In fact, its popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds at a stunning level. Do you know why? Because it enables users to send, request, and receive money to and from contacts with ease of mind. Actually, people who use the Square payment app as their personal payment know very well that debit and credit cards could be linked to the Cash App hassle-freely. But, not everyone is familiar with the fact about adding and using multiple bank account Cash App. That’s why people, most often, ask me- Can I Link Two Different Bank Accounts on Cash App?

If you are also struggling to find an answer to this question, I am more than happy to help you. As many of my regular readers ask the same question, I thought it would be great to write on this hot topic. Also, you will get an overview of using more than one debit and credit card in the Square Cash App. 

How can you add multiple bank accounts to Cash App?

Registering more than one bank account on the Cash app means using multiple bank accounts. The truth is, adding multiple bank accounts on Cash App is not possible as of now writing this post ( September 2020).

However, a matter of relief is that users can connect to one bank account in just a few simple steps. Now many of you might argue- what if the linked account has no balance or expires? This is a good question! Now here is the answer. You can remove your present linked bank account and add a new one. There is no restriction in adding and removing bank accounts on Cash App.

Just to inform you that all steps to add a bank account are quite simple and short. You will not require taking help from anyone. You alone right through your app can change your banking details. Find more information in the next section.

How do I link two bank accounts on Cash App?

If you are thinking of adding one Chase bank account and the second bank of America account to your Square payment account, you will be disappointed. Unfortunately, the Square app supports payments through only one account at a time. But, with the help of the below-mentioned steps, you can remove and add a new bank account if you need it.

  • Login to Cash App is the first thing that you need to do if required.
  • Now, look at the far left lower corner of the screen. You will get a cash tab; press it.
  • Get down slightly find the tab for the bank; select it.
  • On the next screen, your banking details will be visible to you.
  • The next step is to press the menu tab (three dots icon available at the top right corner).
  • Further, select the “replace” button.
  • Now follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
  • You will require entering your new debit card number, expiry date, and CVV number. All details you can find on both sides of the card.
  • Similarly, select your credit card to add or remove it.
  • Follow the same step-by-step instructions and add your card as well.

Important Note: Cash App users can add one debit card and one credit from two different banks. For example, if you have a debit card from Wells Fargo Bank and credit from JP Morgan, you can add both cards to your Square Cash App wallet.

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Bottom Line:

That’s the end of today’s educational tutorial: How to link two different bank accounts on the Cash App? If you keep in mind all the steps, you will have no problem removing and adding a new debit card to your Cash App wallet. The steps mentioned above will help you to get over the problem like can’t send money due or payment failure due to an expired debit card.



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