Adding multiple emails and phone numbers- Is it possible on cash app?

Adding multiple emails and phone numbers- Is it possible on cash app?

Thinking to add multiple emails and phone numbers to the cash app? Is it even possible? Yes, it is possible on the cash app. Let’s scroll down and know how you can do this:

For secondary applications, you can add multiple email addresses on your cash app. To do this, you only have to input the detail of the additional email, get the OTP code and confirm the process. Many queries come to mind when you think of adding emails and phone numbers. Let’s check the blog to find out how you can add email or phone number to your cash app account:

Can I add multiple emails or phone numbers to the Cash App account?

Yes, that is possible on the cash app. Even if you are creating multiple accounts on the cash app, you can add different email or phone numbers. When you have to pay money for different uses then you can use different emails or phone number. This is good for maintaining privacy on the cash app. By sharing your business phone number on cash app, you can keep your account private from your employees or workers.

How to add multiple email addresses to a Cash App account?

No matter how many email addresses you’re having, you can add them to the cash app. However, keep in mind that you can add only one email address at a time. Here’s how a user of cash app can add email to their cash app account:

  • After opening the account, go to the profile icon that is available at the top-right corner of the screen
  • From the drop-down menu of the cash app screen, you need to tap on the “Personal tab”. Here, you need to tap on the “+” button that is available near the Email tab.
  • Here, input the address that you wish to add as an additional email.
  • For validation of the email, the cash app will send you a code.
  • In the last step, confirm the email, and you’re good to go and use your additional email addresses.

Multiple Cash App accounts with the same phone number- Possible?

Let’s understand this first before we know about adding multiple phone numbers. Well, on the cash app, you can’t have two Cash App accounts using your old or the same phone number. No matter how many cash app accounts you want to create, you’ll have to enter a new number for everything.

How can I add multiple phone number on the cash app?

You’ll have to update your information on the cash app to add phone number. To do so, you can tap on the profile icon and look for the “Personal” option. Here, you will have to click on the phone number that you want to remove or add a new one. After entering a new phone number, you just have to confirm it.


Can I create two Cash App accounts with the same number?

No, that’s not possible to date. For having multiple accounts on cash app, you will have to enter a new phone number.

How can I link 2 accounts on Cash App?

To do so, there will be a need of creating one new account with all same details as the old cash app account.

Can I have multiple accounts on Cash App with the same bank details?

Yes, you can do so. But there’s only one condition you will have to mention the same bank account.

How to add a new phone number on cash app?

For thin, a user only have to update the details through the ‘personal’ tab.


This blog will let you know about adding multiple phone numbers and emails on the cash app account. With our blog, you can find quick, hassle-free, and informative instructions to add multiple emails and phone numbers to cash app. Hope this information will be helpful for you.



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