How to Disable Cash App Visa Debit Card Explained Everything

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Square Cash App is one name that definitely doesn’t need any introduction. Debit card service is one among so many which are offered by Cash App. A maximum number of people are quite familiar with the fact that the Cash App enables users to send, receive, and request money with ease of mind. But, not everyone is familiar with the exclusive advantages of the Cash App Visa debit card. In my last post, I explained how to activate the Cash App card to get the maximum benefits of it. Today, our matter of discussion would be how to disable Cash App Visa debit cards.

Yes, what might have not known to you is that the cash card also could be blocked. It is not difficult to understand the circumstances when you should block your card. Once you deactivate your cash card, payment through it will not be possible. This temporary deactivation of your card may prevent your card from being misused. Hence, it is important to learn the simple steps to block your card. Else, you may lose your hard-earned money.

So, as we always do, let’s start with the basics:

When should you disable your cash card?

As we all know that Square app offers a physical cash card to its users which you can carry in your wallet hassle-freely. Undoubtedly, a cash card is easy to use and simple to make instant payments. Personally, what I like about Cash App Visa Debit cards is their ability to withdraw money in cash at any ATM. Remember that with the help of a cash card, users can withdraw money at any ATM. This cool feature may backfire on you if your card gets into the possession of a fraudster.

So, the idea here is to deactivate your card as soon as you lose access to it. Moreover, do the same before deleting your Cash App account. Many cashapp users who delete their accounts, most often, forget to deactivate their cards which causes them problems. As a smart user, you should not make this mistake.

Furthermore, take a minute to block your card permanently if it expires. It is worth noting that a Cash App Visa debit card comes with its expiry date. Once the date is exceeded, the cash cards automatically stop functioning and the user gets a brand new card. So, that’s the third situation where you must deactivate your old and expired card.

How to disable your Cash App card?

Here comes a most exciting section, as we are going to list out the step-by-step procedure with the help of which you can deactivate your Cash App Visa Debit card. All these steps are quite simple and you can follow them on your own. Here we go:

  • Cash App login is the first step.
  • Once you sign in to your account, the home screen will come into your view.
  • From the home screen, tap on the card-shaped icon.
  • The next screen will open up with a toggle button for your cash card.
  • Tap the toggle button to disable it.
  • Now you don’t need to worry as your lost or expired cash card has been disabled.

Important Note: Only disabling your cash card is not enough. Also, take a minute to report the case of your lost card.

How do I activate my disabled Cash App card?

Cash App is known for its flexible services. And its flexibility is quite evident when it comes to managing your cash card. Not only deactivation, but users also can activate their cards in just a few simple steps. I have already explained the simple steps in the last section. The same steps you can follow and enable your card by toggling a button. 

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Final Say!

In short, the task of enabling and disabling your Cash App Visa Debit Card can save you from many unwanted issues. Always keep in mind all the above-mentioned steps and follow them whenever you require them to stay stress-free. If you can’t disable your card or lose your money, feel free to get in touch with us for assistance and quick help.


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