Is it possible to send money from gift card to cash app? NO- Find out why

Have you received a gift card and don’t know how to transfer it money to the cash app? Confused about the use of cash app gift card? Don’t worry, keep on reading

No, users cannot send the funds of gift cards to their cash app. This is not possible. This is because the cash app supports only a few selected gift cards too the prepaid ones. But, there’s a service of CardCash using which users of the cash app can transfer money. Willing to know about the steps of transferring money? If yes then go ahead and read this blog:

Is it possible to add a gift card to the cash app?

If you want a direct answer then you would be disappointed to know that you cannot add a gift card to Cash App. The cash app doesn’t support adding a gift card. However, if you will try an indirect method of using PayPal or CardCash then it would be possible. There are some prepaid cards that Cash App supports. You can only use those prepaid cards that are linked to the cash app for transferring funds.

Can I send money from a gift card to the cash app?

Till today, there is no method following which you transfer money from the prepaid gift cards to the Cash App account. The process of money transfer will go like this. First, you should change the gift card for PayPal, and for this one can make use of CardCash. With a few instructions, all the users of cash app will be able to transfer funds with ease.

How can I transfer money from my Gift card to my Cash App via CashCard?

The cash app doesn’t allow transferring the funds of the gift card to the cash app. But, using a Cash Card service, one can get the money from gift cards in their cash app account. So, here are the steps that would have to follow:

Step1 Opening the CardCash

You’ll have to first open CardCash on your device and then login into it. Now start the process by mentioning the gift card’s balance and the merchant’s name.

Step2: Look for the GetOffer option

Then the next step will be to click “Get Offer”. In case, you’re seeing an available offer then you can exchange it with a gift card. If you want to add another gift card, then you will have to input the information and then tap the button “ADD CARD”.

Step3: Agree to the offer

You will have to agree to the exchange offer. For this, click “Continue”. In the next step, you will be asked to mention your gift card number along with your PIN. In the final step, you can now tap on the option of “Connect with PayPal”.

Step4: Use your PayPal account

Here, you need to log in to your PayPal account so that you can fill in the details. Finally, you will just have to tap on the button Getting my PayPal balance to get the money.


Does Cash App have a gift card?

Well, no, the cash app doesn’t have gift cards. However, it supports some prepaid gift cards. But, yes, one can send gift cards from cash app accounts to others.

Can I add a gift card to Cash App?

This is still not possible as the cash app doesn’t have this feature. So, no one can add any gift card to their cash app account.

What Cash App takes gift cards?

There is only a prepaid gift card that the cash app supports. So, users cannot use all the gift cards with the cash app.


We have given all the necessary information about the cash app gift card and steps to transfer money from gift card to cash app in this blog. Hope this will help you in clearing your doubts and confusion related to gift cards.

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