Can’t Link a Credit Card to Cash App? Get It Fixed Now 202

Can’t Link a Credit Card to Cash App? Get It Fixed Now 202

May 24, 2022 by admin 2830 Views

It is quite normal to get into a situation when you want to help someone with money or have to make a payment but you find yourself out of pocket. But, in such a devastating situation, Cash App can do wonders. And yes, any Cash App user can link or add a credit card to the Square payment app too in just a few simple taps and can help the dear ones. Do not regret it if you can’t link a credit card to Square Cash App as I am going to help you to fix this frustrating issue.

How to add a credit card on Cash App? 

Following are the certified and updated step by step by process that you can follow to link your credit card: 

  • Open the Square Cash App on your phone.
  • Press the “My Cash” tab available on the home screen in the left corner (similar to a building icon).
  • Here you can see the available balance in your account.
  • Scroll down to find the bank details.
  • Just below the bank account name, you can see a tab “Add a Credit Card”.
  • Press the credit card tab.
  • Now follow the simple instructions step by step.
  • You will require entering your card number, expiration date, and CVV number.

But, as the title of this post suggests, can’t link a credit card, so the point is that sometimes users don’t get the credit card tab in their Square Cash App account. Even if the users get the linking option, they eventually end up getting an error like “This Credit Card is not supported by Cash App”.

The amazing fact of the matter is that Cash App supports almost all the debit and credit cards of all certified banks in the USA. But, there is a twist in this commonly known perception. And the twist is that there are a few types of credit cards that Cash App does not support. Moreover, there could be some more specific reasons for being unable to link your credit card to the Square Cash App. Find below the types of credit and scenarios when Cash App doesn’t support the card.  

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Why can’t I use a credit card on cash App?

Square Cash App does offer the feature of adding a credit card and letting the user make payments using a credit card. But, what many people don’t know is that Cash App doesn’t support those credit cards which apply the additional charges. For example, a few days ago, David Clark from Texas shared his experience. 

He informed the representative that he was not able to link his credit card to his Square wallet. Upon a short investigation, experts found out the customer was using the CitiBank credit card. After a bit more research, we came to know that Citi Bank applies the additional fees over making any transaction through Cash App. That’s why Cash App was automatically not accepting the card in advance.

Therefore, it is relevant to say that Cash App does not support all those banks’ credit cards that charge additional fees for withdrawing money through any application. However, till the time when we posted this blog, we were still in search to find out the name of other banks whose credit card is not supported by the Cash App because of additional charges other than EMI, Interest, and processing fees.  

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Why does Cash app keep saying my card is invalid?

As you know the Cash App lets the users link bank accounts as well. More specifically if we say, users can link the bank account with the help of a valid and activated debit card only. Adding a debit card is not only beneficial but also mandatory before adding a credit card. I mean, you will not get the option of adding the credit card to the Cash App unless you link the debit card to your Square Cash App first. Find below a few more possible reasons for being not able to add a credit card.

  • Temporarily hold or ban credit cards.
  • Enter wrong card details like incorrect card number, CVV, and expiration date.
  • Using a deactivated and expired card could also be a reason.
  • Cash App does not support any card which is not supported by the USA bank.
  • You can use and link only the USA bank’s cards.

Final Thought!

Today, in this post we have discussed what to do if you can’t link a credit card to Cash App. Also, we have discussed the possible reasons for the problems and cards that are not supported by the Square Cash App. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.



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