How to use cash app card for online purchase? Updated guide

Are you curious to know how to use cash app card for online purchases? Well, for this, keep on reading:

A cash card issued by the cash app is like any other debit card that lets you do online shopping and purchases with ease. Many stores are also there where you can use cash app cards. But, before using this card for online payment, you need to order and then activate it. Want to know about the activation steps of a cash card? Just scroll down and get all the details:

How can I order cash app card for doing online shopping?

If someone wants to do online shopping on a cash app then one needs to have a cash app card. Don’t have this card yet? If yes then order it right now with these steps:

Step1: Look for the cash card option

After opening the cash app, you need to tap on the Cash Card tab and then choose select ‘Cash Card Support’

Step2: Follow the steps of ordering

In this step, you’ll have to tap on ‘Report your Cash Card’ and then select the option to get a new cash app card. Follow all the details to order a cash app card at your mailing address.

How to activate my cash app card for online purchases?

You cannot do online purchases on the cash app if your cash card is not activated yet. Therefore, when you get the order of your cash app card, you need to first activate it with these steps:

Step1: Start with the Cash Card icon

The first step starts with clicking on the Cash Card icon which will open a new page for card activation. After this, you need to tap on the option of ‘Activate Cash Card’.

Step2: Use the QR code

In the next step, you’ll have to use the QR code for scanning it through your phone’s camera. So, click ‘OK’. You need to do this if Cash App asks for permission to use your camera.

Step3: Scan the code and activate card

In the final step, you need to simply scan the QR code that is available on your Cash Card. If you don’t have the QR code then you need to click on the “CVV” option to proceed and activate the cash app card.

How can I pay with a cash app card in stores?

Using your cash app card, it is easy to make online purchases. There are different stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar 7 and so on that accepts cash app card for making online bill payment and purchases. Your cash app card is just like any other debit card. After buying anything at the stores, you can just swipe this card and enter the PIN to make an online payment.

The good thing is that there’s also an indirect method of adding GpAY OR Apple Pay on the cash card to make freely all online purchases. All that you require is your cash app card.


How do I pay online with Cash App?

With the use of your cash app card, you can pay online with Cash App. Walmart, Walgreen etc. are some of the stores that accept online payment through these cards.

What is Cash Card in online shopping?

A cash app card is like a debit card that one can use at different stores and outlets to make online purchases.

Can you pay anywhere with Cash App card?

Most of the stores and outlets accept cash app cards. So, first, make sure which store in your locality supports cash app cards.

Is Cash App card a physical card?

Yes, a Cash App card is a physical card that you need to produce during the time of payment at the stores. So, it is crucial to carry your cash card for making online payments.


We have listed here how users can use the cash app card for online purchases at different stores. Hope this informative blog will help you in ordering and activating the cash app card with ease in no time.


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